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    I had several old knee injuries that I knew I finally needed to address, and the first orthopedist I saw had recommended I only needed to get my meniscus repaired. I’m an active 50+ individual, and I didn’t understand why he didn’t want to address any of my other issues. When discussing my concerns with a few work colleagues, there wasn’t just 1, but 2 work colleagues who both recommended Dr. Alaia to me. Each had used Dr. Alaia for a knee and shoulder issue, and both were very satisfied.
    I made an appointment for a second opinion with Dr. Alaia, and I knew right away he was the surgeon for me. The first thing I noticed about him was that he was empathetic. I remember him saying to me “I’m sorry you’ve been dealing with these issues.” WOW! A doctor with empathy! He also REALLY listened to me. I told him I was an active person, but I hadn’t been as active due to my injuries, and I wanted to get back to being active again. Instead of dismissing me like the first orthopedist, he said “We’ll get you back there.” I also found him very thorough. Since I had been dealing with several injuries for so long, he took additional measures to assure my alignment wasn’t out of sync.
    I scheduled surgery on my ACL, MCL and meniscus right away. The surgery went really well, the pain was minimal, and I started physical therapy right away. Building strength has been a commitment, but Dr. Alaia and his staff gave me full disclosure that if I put the time in, I will reap the benefits. I am 8 months out post-surgery, and I feel amazing.
    All follow-up appointments with Dr. Alaia are easy to make, he is someone who is on-time, and he’s efficient. I also think it’s worth mentioning that Dr. Alaia is a genuinely nice guy!
    I recently ran into someone at the gym, who asked where I had been, and when I told him I’m just getting back to working out due to surgery, he asked me if I could recommend my doctor. I immediately, without hesitation, gave him Dr. Alaia’s name. Two people did me the favor on recommending him to me, so it is only fair that I share the wealth and recommend him to others.
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