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  • Blayker L

    Dr. Alaia is an amazing doctor and since my surgery almost a year ago I've made a full recovery and I would gladly see him again if I ever got injured in the future. The whole staff was courteous, detail-oriented and very friendly. He described the options I had for my surgery and discussed possible...
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  • Stephanie L

    I had an exceptional experience with Dr. Michael Alaia, who is clearly one of the best in his field. He completed successful surgeries on each of my shoulders. My recoveries were quick and I am now much better off than I was prior to my surgeries. Dr. Alaia has been a pleasure to work with and quick...
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  • Alexandra S

    I went to Dr. Alaia for my knee surgery in 2020. It was a bigger surgery but he did it perfectly and my knee is working good as new now. He was incredibly thorough, very attentive and he and his staff made the process very clear and as enjoyable as knee surgery can be. He did an excellent job and I ...
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  • Brandon M

    Dr. Alaia performed 2 surgeries on my right knee in late 2019 following a motorcycle accident. Three months after my last surgery I was walking steadily without assistance. I was back to near-full strength within a year. Very thankful to Dr. Alaia and his team for helping me regain my quality of lif...
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  • Susie A

    Dr. Alaia and his team are really the best out there. My son had surgery on his knee after a first surgery with a different doctor was not successful. After physical therapy he was still in pain and unable to resume regular activities without pain. Dr. Alaia helped us through it and was very patient...
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  • Angjelo K

    If you have a sports injury or any serious injury for that matter, Dr. Alaia is the right guy for you. It’s been over a year since my multi-ligament knee injury and my knee is feeling better than before! Dr. Alaia is super knowledgeable and can diagnose your condition within minutes. Before going ...
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  • Eladio V

    Beyond OUTSTANDING!! Dr. Alaia performed a meniscectomy on my knee, a surgery that I have had twice before and I have never felt as good post-op as I do now.! Dr. Alaia, his assistant Andre and the rest of his staff were outstanding. I officiate H.S. sports and was concerned that I wouldn't be ready...
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  • Maritza M

    After four months of agonizing pain (bicep and shoulder) MRI, x-rays and four orthopedic surgeons later,
    Whom all suggested there was nothing serious with my shoulder. I found doctor Alaia. Made an appt thinking I again would be told just ice your shoulder the pain and swelling will go away. ...
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  • Christianne P

    Dr. Alaia and his staff are the best! As well as Andre! They took care of my like family would. I’ve had 5 prior knee surgeries (acl and meniscus) and was looking for a new surgeon and the best I could get. And I definitely found it! Would rate 100 stars if I could. Best surgeon and staff ever! So...
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  • Carolyn C

    I would recommend Dr. Alaia to any of my family and friends. He operated on my knee and my knee feels the best it’s felt in 10+ years. Not to mention his good bedside manner and he makes himself available for your questions. Highly recommend!
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