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  • Chloe

    One of the best doctors I've ever had. When I met him, he had me get an MRI that same afternoon and saw me again after the MRI. Told me I had fractured my leg in various places, bruised bones, torn ACL and LCL. I had no idea the damage my leg was in. I was panicked and he calmed me down. I said I wa...
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  • T S

    Great guy. Friendly and compassionate
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  • Miriam R

    When I walked into Dr Alaia’s consultation my spirits were down and thought I had no chance of being a surgical candidate. Dr Alaia not only changed that way of thinking for me but told me that I was going to be great! Within in a few weeks I was having a total reconstruction of my ACL, Dr Alaia t...
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  • Katalin V

    I had an ACL reconstruction surgery with Dr Alaia in August 2019. At 57, this was my first surgery so i was nervous because I didn't know what to expect. He was the second surgeon I saw as the first one wasn't keen on my choice of having surgery. Since I am very active - swim every day and like to t...
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  • Connieann

    Well... A year later and Dr Alaia fixed my OTHER shoulder. There is no one else I trust to operate on my bones! Once again, he did an amazing job on a lengthy surgery. He is always social, friendly, reliable and just amazing. He is always available should you need him and his staff Andre and Nicole ...
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  • Gets right to the point trustworthy
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