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    Dr Alaia is literally my saving grace. I’ll start off by saying aside from his incredible expertise, He is genuinely one of the NICEST people I have ever met. He is so passionate about getting his patients back to feeling like their normal selves. He cares so much. I tore my ACL about 3.5 years ago, and he repaired it with no complications. Everything was going great until a few months ago. It was very upsetting because I was in so much pain and I couldn’t dance or do any of the physical activities I love to do. Walking was extremely hard sometimes. So I went to him with my concern and since the MRI’s and X-rays came out clear, he recommended that I have a laparoscopic procedure done to see what was going on and clean up anything if necessary. He knew something was up. Well thank the LORD for Dr. Alaia because he went in and found a huge “goober” of scar tissue lying beneath my knee cap. This was preventing me from getting my leg straight, which was the cause of so much pain throughout my entire leg. I literally felt a huge difference after the surgery. My knee is back and better than before! He said some people develop scar tissue and you can normally work through it. He’s never seen is grow back after removal so I am so glad that I went through with his recommendation. Thank you so much Dr. Alaia!
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