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  • John P

    Exceptional talent, skill, knowledge, and communications. Dr Alaia performed out-patient arthroscopic rotator cuff surgery on my right shoulder in October 2021. I experienced no pain whatsoever! I was part of a clinical trial for a CBT -- which worked for me. Two months later I'm in physical therapy...
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  • tracy h

    I am 46 year old personal trainer and group fitness instructor in NYC for over 15+ years. When my right knee started to give me serious trouble, I did extensive research and saw a few doctors before I was introduced to Dr. Alaia. After exhausting all other non-surgical methods, I had a partial knee ...
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  • Mitchell C

    Dr. Alaia took care of my daughter's shoulder. She is an elite GK and dislocatedher shoulder. Her surgery was perfect and she is performing again at the highest level, with no signs of the injury.
    We are so grateful to him. We highly recommend him.
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  • Desmond T

    There's so many great things to say about Dr. Alaia.

    I went in for an ACL/MCL knee surgery. I was unable to walk properly for months, which was detrimental to my psyche. Dr. Alaia was incredibly thorough in explaining everything as well as a great motivator along the way.

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  • Mark H

    I met Dr. Alaia in July of 2021 after being referred to his office in New Hyde Park. My first appointment with him he went over my MRI and the severity of my knee injury (PCL tear, meniscus) and laid out my options.
    He explained both non surgical and surgical avenues that we could take and th...
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  • Jessica T

    Dr. Alaia is the best. I was having intense knee pain and swelling for about a month since working out, but intermittently for about 5 years. I was doing physical therapy, acupuncture, taking pain medication and using heat/ice but the pain always came back. I met with Dr. Alaia, and once my MRI was ...
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  • Elizabeth R

    Confident, not arrogant. That was the first thing I noticed, and appreciated, about Dr. Alaia. I have dealt with knee injuries for 30 years and, in turn, have seen many orthopedists and have had several procedures. Dr. Alaia is by far the most empathetic doctor I have seen. He listens intently an...
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  • Denise C

    It is one year that I had my rotator cuff repaired by Dr Alaia . He was very professional always on time with my appointments never had to wait for him his staff is friendly and just makes you feel like you are in good hands . I highly recommend Dr Alaia you will be happy with his gift to heal yo...
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  • Leslie K

    I recently suffered a complex tear of my right meniscus. After an MRI, I went to Dr. Alaia of NYU Langone Health. His office staff was attentive to my request to expedite the visit. When I met Dr. Alaia , I was very impressed. He was not only an excellent doctor but also a genuinely nice person. Aft...
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  • Steven D

    From the first visit to surgery, the whole staff were nothing but courteous, respectful, friendly, and helpful. I’ve never dealt with better professionals in the medical field. Doctor Alaia was very knowledgeable and didn’t force surgery like some doctors, rather gave options and went through be...
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