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Patient Testimonials

  • I had an ACL reconstruction surgery with Dr Alaia in August 2019. At 57, this was my first surgery so i was nervous because I didn't know what to expect. He was the second surgeon I saw as the first one wasn't keen on my choice of having surgery. Since I am very active - swim every day and like to travel - I did not want to spend the rest of my life worried about further knee damage and falls. I did my research and discussed my concerns with Dr Alaia and he agreed with me. We scheduled the surgery. His staff was very helpful every step of the way - from getting the insurance taken care of and answering emails promptly. My appointments were always on time, to the point and very efficient. The surgery itself was very well organized and the staff at the outpatient center was professional and helpful. I had the best experience with absolutely no complications, no side effects from anesthesia, no bruising and minimal pain only for the first 3 days. He has my confidence & recommendation!
    By - Katalin V
  • Well... A year later and Dr Alaia fixed my OTHER shoulder. There is no one else I trust to operate on my bones! Once again, he did an amazing job on a lengthy surgery. He is always social, friendly, reliable and just amazing. He is always available should you need him and his staff Andre and Nicole are great also. Dr Alaia is trust worthy, caring and just a down to earth good guy and fantastic doctor. He helped me a great deal and I'm so glad I was referred to him!!
    By - Connieann
  • I can't express how lucky and grateful I am to have had Doctor Alaia as my ACL surgeon. He's very interpersonal, patient and explain everything that I needed to know about my surgery thoroughly. I love how it was easy to tell that he truly loves what he does, and cares about his patients. Although I moved to VA, I'll be going back to him next month for another follow up on the progress of my knee. Thanks Dr. Alaia.
    By - Abasiono E
  • Super awesome, very smart, helpful and does a great job. He is an excellent surgeon. I got surgery 6 months ago and I am doing well and walking again. Thanks Dr. Alaia!!
    By - Marc S
  • Dr. Michael J. Alaia is truly a remarkable surgeon and the embodiment of what all in his profession should strive to be.

    Following months of struggling with severe pain in my right shoulder and quickly declining mobility, failing to see any improvement from numerous physical therapy sessions, and multiple unsuccessful doctors’ visits, I decided to seek the consultation of an orthopaedic surgeon.

    I was referred to Dr. Alaia by my daughter, who worked with him throughout his residency training at NYU and spoke highly of both his surgical skills and his kind demeanor, which is too seldom a defining characteristic of others in the profession. From the moment I met Dr. Alaia, I was immediately impressed with his kind, approachable nature.

    While I was very hesitant about the prospect of needing surgery, Dr. Alaia spent an exceptional amount of time and effort to exhaust all non-surgical options for treatment prior to recommending corrective surgery. He was wonderfully transparent in his plan of care, patiently and painstakingly explaining to me the various surgical approaches, the possible outcomes, and the details of what things would look and feel at all stages of the surgery and recovery, ensuring that I was comfortable and confident with our mutually agreed upon plan. Dr. Alaia makes it a priority to educate the patient and successfully manage their expectations for treatment and recovery.

    Dr. Alaia’s upstanding moral character manifests itself in his level of professionalism and quality of patient care. Throughout this process, he was honest and realistic about the difficulties of post-surgery recovery, yet confident that the outcome of the surgery would truly improve my mobility and overall quality of life. While my recovery was more difficult than I originally anticipated, throughout my recovery Dr. Alaia was extremely responsive, making himself available to address all of my questions and concerns quickly, thoroughly, and thoughtfully.

    Dr. Alaia realizes the commitment involved in a successful recovery and takes into account the busy lives of his patients, prioritizing patient satisfaction and their overall well-being. The practicality and convenience of his satellite offices in Long Island were immensely helpful in being able to fit in my post-op appointments during the busy work week and he made a point to recommend a physical therapist based upon both the quality of care they provided, as well as the vicinity to my home.

    Dr. Alaia is a truly compassionate, professional, and skilled surgeon, who serves to improve the quality of life of his patients through his comprehensive approach to patient care in orthopaedic surgery.

    By - Karen M
  • Dr. Alaia was one of several doctors in Manhattan that had assessed me after a freak accident from an automated glass sliding door December 2015. I was a healthy , active 46 year old man that had never incurred an injury or fracture. When I was diagnosed by Dr. Alaia, his first impression was to ensure I had physical therapy and to avoid surgery unless absolute necessary . I found that very comforting from day 1 knowing he was not another surgeon that was ready to bring out his knife . I felt he was sincere and was genuinly concerned for my short and long term health and recovery . After every effort to recover from several sessions of PT, I eventually had surgery that seemed complex and unforeseen due a tear and swelling caused by the accident.

    Dr. Alaia advised me of several scenarios that may occur while under general and I felt relaxed and confident in his approach. I was in great discomfort and pain prior to the surgery from swelling and a condition that caused my shoulder to sublux when at a certain range . From the moment I met Dr. Alaia ,I was confident that he was the right surgeon for me and proceeded with the surgery knowing I would have the best outcome.

    Dr. Alaias knowledge, experience and professional approach to the case was one of the many reasons why I have had a very successful recovery. He was patient, kind, trustworthy and trusted him like a friend. I still have many months of strengthening and conditioning to completely recover, however I am so happy with the result and feel very privileged he managed my injury. Finding the right surgeon in NYC can be very challenging and daunting, however I would highly recommend him to my family and friends without any concerns because I speak from personal experience.

    By - Glen B
  • I am 41 year old personal trainer and group fitness instructor in NYC for over 10+ years. When my right knee started to give me serious trouble, I did extensive research and saw a few doctors before I was introduced to Dr. Alaia. After exhausting all other non-surgical methods, I had a partial knee replacement in October of 2014. Dr. Alaia is an exceptional orthopedic surgeon and I have since recommended him to everyone I know. He has a great personality and takes the time to explain complicated procedures in terms that all non-medical personnel can understand. He made a very stressful situation a lot easier to handle with his extensive knowledge and amazing bedside manner. His staff is just as amazing and accommodating. I haven’t had any problems since my procedure and I’m now living pain-free and back to work doing what I love and enjoying being (highly) active again. It really has been a success. Thank you Dr. Alaia!

    By - Tracy H
  • I am extremely pleased with the care that I received from Dr. Alaia!

    He has exceeded my expectations.

    He is a very friendly, pleasant, approachable, knowledgeable physician. I went to see him for a ruptured bicep tendon. He took his time with me and completely explained my situation as well as the surgery to correct it. He quickly setup surgery for me for the following week. The surgery was a complete success with minimal pain afterwards. It is now a month later and the arm works great and I have almost full range of motion! My physical therapist said that he has never seen such a quick recovery for this surgery, which I credit a lot to Dr. Alaia’s superb job in correcting the damage. He is a first class surgeon and individual.

    I highly recommend him.

    By - John K