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Last January I fell walking my dog. In the fall, I dislocated my knee, tearing the ACL, MCL, PCL, and LCL. I transected the popliteal artery and popliteal vein. A vascular surgeon performed a vein bypass to clear the clot that developed my lower leg. I stretched the tibial nerve and severed the peroneal nerve. The trauma to my leg was so severe, a fasciotomy was performed. Unfortunately, amputation was considered.

After three surgeries and one month in the hospital and rehab, I returned home to seek a sports medicine orthopedic surgeon to treat the complex damage to my knee. The team at NYU did extensive testing to measure the function of the damaged nerves as well as monitor the swelling in the leg before they could operate to correct my knee. Three months after my fall, Dr. Alaia and his team successfully completed a complicated surgery to repair the four torn ligaments in my knee. After months of physical therapy, I feel strong and capable. I'm now back to work as a special education teacher, high school baseball coach and, most importantly, a Dad.

In my search for a great doctor who could handle my unique injury , I only came up with one, Dr. Alaia. He consulted with other NYU surgeons from vascular and plastic surgery to consider the best approach for my injury. Dr. Alaia’s patience, kindness and dedication allowed me to get to a new normal. Dr. Alaia and his team are top notch!

Thank you, Dr. Alaia! I am forever grateful.

Ryan M.

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