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The summer going into my junior year of high school, while trying to put the soccer ball back in play, I fell and landed on my left shoulder. The pain was instant and unbearable. I knew something had gone very wrong. My suspicions were confirmed at the hospital, where the doctors told me I had dislocated my shoulder. Even after it was put back in place, the worst wasn’t over, as an MRI revealed I had a complete labrum tear, increasing my chances of dislocating it again. This was scary because junior year of high school is the height of college recruitment, and, as a goalkeeper, I had to be willing to put myself in positions where redislocation was possible and probably likely. My best option was surgery so I would be back in time for my season and any college ID camps after the four to six-month recovery. I was nervous and scared as it was my first surgery, but Dr. Alaia made me feel so comfortable and ready for the surgery. It was a success, and after the recovery, I returned better than ever. I wish I could say that was the last of my shoulder problems, but on the second day of my college preseason, I dislocated my other shoulder, and an MRI showed that, once again, I had a labrum tear. Unlike before, I decided to get through the season and wait on the surgery because I wanted to be with my family, and there was no surgeon I trusted more than Dr. Alaia. More than six months out from fixing the other shoulder, I am again doing better than ever. I am so grateful for what Dr. Alaia has done for me and I couldn’t be happier.

Katherine C

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