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We are sisters and nurses, Mara and Emily. We took falls back to back while on a skiing trip in Lake Placid, NY. Mara would find out she tore her left ACL. Emily had an extensive injury where 3 out of 4 ligaments tore in her right knee (ACL, PCL, MCL). She was turned down by two surgeons and referred to Dr. Alaia by a colleague. Emily met Dr. Alaia and immediately felt comfortable and comforted by Dr. Alaia’s warm and calming bed side manner. Dr. Alaia was confident and reassured Emily that he would be able to accomplish this surgery and get Emily back on her feet. After meeting Dr. Alaia, Emily called Mara and told her she found the perfect surgeon and she must meet Dr. Alaia, so she did, and never looked back. We got our surgeries two weeks apart. We lived together, recovered together and even went to the same physical therapist together. We wouldn’t change our experience for anything. Dr. Alaia was more than we both could have asked for. He has the most incredible care for each and every one of his patients and won’t stop at anything to make his patients comfortable.

Emily and Mara F.

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